For the last 11 years we have been providing a complete selection of timepieces from fairly inexpensive models such as the Michael Kors, Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs brands to top of the line products like our selections of Cartier models as well as the ever popular Tag Heuer watches.

New Products

Our main brands that have been with us since the start like Movado, Gucci, Tissot and Rado are still a very important part of our store. The Movado withit’s ever popular as well as famous Movado Museum models are sure sellers with their very light and low profile cases and elegant looks for both, Men and Ladies. The Ladies Linio, Amorosa, Bela, Harmony and Kara are very popular models and for Men, the Juro, Sapphire, Sports and Luno are the most searched after Movado timepieces we offer as well as so many others.

Gucci has been another of our strongest sellers like the Ladies Horsebit, Twirl, Tornabuoni, Signoria and Gucci G-Frame which we try our best to keep in stock as they sell so quickly. For Me, the I-Gucci, which is an all digital highly functional watch with a huge assortment of colors and bands is also a main seller, even with it’s size, women are obtaining this model as well as there is some color combinations especially for ladies. To continue, the Men’s G-Gucci, Timeless and the 101 Series still are at the top of the list.

Tissot has always been one of the most innovative watch manufactures with their wonderful line of watches from models like the T-Touch series which allows the wearer to just touch the crystal to change functions as well as offer such functionality as a Thermometer, and Altimeter, separate time zones as well as the usual Chronograph and Alarm features. They also have one of the most attractive Men’s Chronographs available such as the Tissot T-Race and T-Tracx as well as the Men’s Quadrato lineup. For the people that want a solid, but somewhat conservative watch, Tissot is for them with their PRS and PRC series as well as the Tissot T-Classic. Whatever your liking, Tissot probably has a model for you.

Tag Heuer is probably our best high-end Luxury model offered at FineBrand. The excellent assembly of these timepieces can assure purchasers a long, trouble free life of their watch. The very innovative Aquaracer is always coming up with super new features as well as sport a very good, masculine look. You can never go wrong with the Aquaracer line. The Formula 1 models continue to come up with new colors and bands that attract both, Men and Women with a huge following, year after year. Not to forget the Link or the Carrera models, as these are no less the quality and attractiveness of any of the other Tag Heuer models.

To complete, FineBrandWatches guarantees our clients that we sell only, brand new, never remanufacturered, or previously worn watches and will stand behind each and every one of them. If you have any questions, please contact us by email or phone at : 323.244.4544.