Shipping and Returns

finebrandwatches has put together a new module for shipping. In the past, we did flat rates for Domestic shipping, which was a great deal for people living on the East Coast but for those living closer to the finebrandwatches offices were paying much more than they should.

Now, our site will automatically contact the UPS server and figure your rates most accurately. To add, we do not charge any markups or service charges for our freight, the shipping is figured exactly from our site to you.

Another great feature is this allows for fair shipping rates worldwide as the shipping price is figured directly to your location whether it be next door to us or on another continent. Also, please note that we pay for insurance on every shipment for the full amount of your purchase.

Last note, when you buy additional products, we do not charge another full charge for that additional piece, you are only charged for the additional weight for the original shipment.
International Customers:
We do not charge any taxes or apply any customs charges on your purchase but many countries do assess a charge on incoming purchases. Since we only know the US taxation policies, please check with your country’s customs policies for the correct tax that may be assessed on your purchase once it arrives and clears your country”s Customs Office.

finebrandwatches Return Policy:
We at finebrandwatches Appreciate your business and are sure you will find our products of the utmost quality. In most cases our customers are extremely happy with our products and services, but on occasion, a customer for one reason or another needs to either exchange or return a product for one of many reasons. Whether it be because it did not have the features one wanted or needed or perhaps too many features, or simply that one had trouble reading to small sub dials, we are more than happy to rectify this by either allowing a exchange or simply processing a refund. Our Exchange/Refund policy is as follows

1) We allow 28 days from the time YOU PURCHASE the product to decide if you wish to keep it or to send it back to us for exchange or refund.

2) Because we return these goods back into stock for resale we must INSIST that the product comes back to us in the exact condition it was received so please do not resize the band or tear off the tags attached to the product until you decide you definitely want to keep it. {Note: If you feel that the watch might not be for you but have not decided yet please do not re-size the band or pull the tags off as this puts the product in a “USED” status and that will not allow us to honor any refund.

3) We insist on these rules so that the next customer receives his or her order in perfect condition, just as you did.

4) We offer a FULL Credit or Refund on the product but we do not offer credit on shipping costs, either on the initial shipment or the return to us. We do make exceptions, however, but only on Defective Merchandise. We are sure you will understand these simple rules to follow on exchanging/returning goods as it allows us to maintain the utmost quality for you, our Customer.

5) Very Important, please contact us before returning goods for the correct return address which is not the one displayed above and a R.A.# (Return Authorization Number) as our people will not accept any packages without an RA clearly displayed on the box. RA #”a can be obtained by contacting us, preferably by email but can also be obtained by fax or telephone.

Thank you,

Howard Metz,